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plant proper

an online plant nursery

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Plant Proper is an online plant nursery based in South Florida. They have cultivated an impressive collection of plants to fit every requirement including space, health and air quality benefits, pet friendliness and visual design. They are a group of experts in the plant industry that aim to inspire and educate their community about the benefits of incorporating plants into everyday life.


Our client had some success attracting customers to their social media platforms, specifically Instagram but they lacked content creation skills and the strategy to bridge the gap between their existing success and their desired consistency in social media marketing.


We helped this South Florida nursery create valuable content that encourages community growth and brand awareness among #PlantFluencers and #PlantParents, all while telling a cohesive story of the brand's personality, mission, brand voice and values.

The breakdown:

Platform Optimization: The first thing we did was optimize their profiles (bio, profile pictures, contact info, and customized links to help drive followers to multiple destinations). This would help effectively convey their brand personality and attract their target audience. 

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designed by Ooze Media.

Strategy Development: To develop a comprehensive social media strategy, we identified their target audience, determined the best platforms to reach them, and defined the goals and objectives they wanted to achieve through social media marketing. The strategy also involved planning a content structure, editorial calendar, and engagement tactics to foster community growth and brand awareness.

Content Creation: We produced valuable and engaging content that included a mix of visuals (branded memes, photos, short-form and long-form videos, graphics) and written content (strategic captions and story posts) that appealed to their target audience of plant influencers and plant parents. Most of the content was designed to educate, inspire, and entertain the audience while aligning with our client's brand personality, mission, brand voice, and values.

Custom-made illustrations,

designed by Ooze Media.

Social Media Management: Our role here involved engaging with the client's social media audience (community management), respond to comments, messages, and inquiries in a timely and professional manner. Monitoring analytics and analyzing social media metrics is essential to track the effectiveness of our efforts, as, well as using analytics tools to measure reach, engagement, conversions, and other relevant metrics to provide monthly reports to our client, highlighting the performance and progress of their social media presence. Last but not least, social media platforms may frequently update their algorithms and introduce new features, so it is our responsibility to stay informed about these changes and adapt strategies accordingly. 

Professional Advice on Comprehensive Digital Strategies: In addition to social media management, we provided our client with professional advice on other digital strategies, such as website optimization, email marketing, influencer collaborations, and other digital marketing channels that would complement their social media efforts.

By integrating all these components, we helped our client build a stronger online presence, engage their target audience, and tell a cohesive brand story through social media, ultimately increasing community growth and brand awareness.





So here's the deal: we totally nailed it for our client in this case study.

Our social media management strategy was on point, and the results speak for themselves. We're talking about a mind-blowing increase in story metrics alone, smashing the expected numbers by 14,3136.84% in link clicks and 167.98% in story views!

Here's how we did it: we took a close look at our client's current social media situation (at the time) and figured out what was missing. Then, we got to work creating killer content that their audience actually cared about. No fluffy or boring stuff, just valuable and engaging content that kept their followers hooked.

Important Note: Link clicks on Instagram Stories are a significant metric because they indicate active engagement and interest from your audience. It is especially valuable for businesses because they can drive traffic to important landing pages, product pages, blog posts, or even e-commerce websites. By tracking link clicks, you can measure the effectiveness of your Stories in generating website visits and /or conversions, helping you assess the impact of our social media efforts on driving traffic and potential sales.

For example, let's say hypothetically, our client's goal was to drive traffic to their website and increase conversions. If our client's previous average conversion rate from website visits is 5%, and the average value of a conversion is $50, with the increased link clicks, we can determine the estimated impact on the client's ROI to be somewhere around $6,735:

2,694 link clicks x 5% conversion rate = 134.7 additional website visits.

134.7 additional website visits x $50 avg value per conversion = $6,735.


Therefore, with 2,694 link clicks from a single Instagram Story, we helped our client generate an estimated additional revenue of $6,735 - that's the power of the right social strategy.

Now, those skyrocketing link clicks, story views, post interactions, and comments are a testament to the power of our approach. We know what works, and we know how to connect with our clients' target audience. This case study is proof that our strategies can make a real impact on your business's success.

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