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Fit + Thick was a fitness brand that gained significant popularity and recognition on social media. It was founded by our client Nicole Mejia, and it focused on promoting body positivity, self-acceptance, and the idea that strength comes in various shapes and sizes. The brand encouraged women to embrace their bodies, strive for fitness goals, and prioritize overall well-being. Through their social media presence, Fit + Thick offered workout guides, fitness tips, and motivational content 


Transitioning from Fit + Thick to a new brand and expanding into a lifestyle/wellness platform.

We started working with Fit + Thick when it was still operating under that brand name. However, after a few years, both Nicole and Noelle Mejia (sisters), felt that the brand no longer aligned with their vision. They desired to transform the fitness brand into a comprehensive lifestyle and wellness online platform for women.

To bring this new vision to life, extensive changes were needed, including a complete rebranding and the development of fresh content. Our role was to support its founders, our clients, in this rebranding process and assist with the successful launch of their new mission. We worked closely with them to understand their vision and goals, and then collaborated on redefining their new brand identity. The aim was to ensure the new social media strategy and content reflected their new vision and resonated with the target audience.

Throughout this journey, we provided guidance, expertise, and creative solutions to ensure a seamless transition. Our support extended beyond the rebranding process and encompassed the digital launch of LULY.

LULY would be dedicated to creating a community centered around empowerment, self-care, and personal growth. It seeks to inspire and support individuals, particularly women, on their wellness journey. Through their social media platforms, the goal was to provide valuable content, tips, and resources to help individuals live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle -- promoting the importance of mental well-being, fitness, intuitive eating, and overall wellness. By fostering a sense of community, LULY encouraged individuals to connect, share experiences, and uplift each other. 

The transition signified an expanded focus beyond fitness and into a broader range of wellness topics, encompassing various aspects of life and personal development.

Here's a breakdown of the challenges we faced:

Rebuilding Brand Awareness: With the rebrand, the client would need to reintroduce themselves to their existing audience and establish brand recognition under the new name. Building awareness and familiarity with the new brand would require strategic social media marketing efforts.

Audience Transition and Retention: The existing Fit + Thick audience may have been primarily interested in fitness content only. Shifting the brand's focus to a broader lifestyle/wellness platform required identifying and targeting a new audience segment that aligned with the expanded offerings. Engaging the existing audience while also attracting new followers was a balancing act.

Communicating the New Vision: Clearly articulating the new vision and positioning of the brand was crucial. The social media marketing strategy needed to effectively communicate the expanded offerings and the value proposition of the brand's new lifestyle/wellness platform, ensuring that the audience understands the transformation and the benefits of engaging with the brand.

Consistency and Coherence: Maintaining a consistent brand image and voice across all social media platforms was essential during the transition. Ensuring a coherent message and visual identity would help build trust and recognition with the audience.

Content Strategy Alignment: Adjusting the content strategy to reflect the new brand vision was necessary. This involved diversifying the types of content shared, such as incorporating wellness tips, self-care practices, and personal growth content alongside fitness-related content. Developing a content strategy that appealed to the broader lifestyle/wellness audience was critical.

Addressing these challenges required a thoughtful and well-planned social media marketing strategy that aligned with the rebranding objectives and the new brand's vision.




Rebranding Strategy: Developed a comprehensive rebranding strategy that outlined the steps needed to transition from Fit + Thick to LULY. This would include identifying the target audience, establishing key messaging, and determining the visual identity for the new brand.

Content Strategy: Creating tailored content strategy that aligned with the new brand's vision offerings and branding. This would involve brainstorming and producing engaging and relevant content that showcased the expanded lifestyle/wellness platform, while also resonating with the existing Fit + Thick audience.

Social Media Audit: Conducting a thorough social media audit of the existing Fit + Thick accounts to assess the current state (at the time) of the brand's social media presence. This would help identify any areas that needed improvement and provide insights into the audience's preferences and engagement patterns.

Brand Awareness Campaign: Launching a brand awareness campaign to introduce the new brand, LULY, to the existing Fit + Thick audience and attract new followers. This included creating visually appealing posts, utilizing engaging videos and stories, and leveraging targeted ad campaigns to increase reach and visibility.

Collaborations: Collaborating with relevant influencers and members of their community who aligned with the new brand's values and target audience. This involved identifying suitable collaborators in the lifestyle/wellness niche and leveraging their reach and influence to promote LULY to their followers, generating brand awareness and credibility.


Social Media Management: Providing day-to-day management of the brand's social media accounts, including content creation for daily stories and feed, scheduling and publishing posts, engaging with the audience, and monitoring comments and messages. Consistent and active social media management helped maintain brand visibility and continue to build a loyal following.


Performance Tracking and Analysis: Implementing tools and strategies to track the performance of social media campaigns and content. This would include monitoring key metrics such as engagement rates, follower growth, website traffic, and conversions. Analyzing this data would provide insights into the effectiveness of the social media marketing efforts and guide future strategies, such as launching their online course and new app.


Community Nurturing: Fostering a sense of community and engagement around the LULY brand. This involved regular livestreams, engaging in conversation with followers, encouraging user generated content, and responding to comments and messages promptly. Building an active and engaged community helped strengthen brand loyalty and advocacy. 

In addition to the comprehensive approach taken to facilitate the transition from Fit + Thick to LULY, we also worked on and executed different strategies to launch their 28-day lifestyle program online course, JUMP, resulting in over 2,000 women joining globally. Later, we also collaborated in developing and executing a launch campaign for the LULY app to drive downloads and engagement - the app went on to successfully generate over 50,000 downloads before officially coming down. 


In their own words...

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We helped this fitness brand develop and expand into a lifestyle/wellness online platform for women!

After reaching our campaign goals of helping and supporting them during their rebranding process, we provided tools and resources for them to continue to grow their business and digital products using the power of social media marketing.

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