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Nany Peña

Award-Winning Comedian

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She is considered one of the most influential and outstanding female comedians in the history of the Dominican Republic. Nany Peña is a leader and notable figure of the 90s, 2000s and currently recognized as the Dominican "Queen of Comedy".

Her talent and celebrity status allowed her to star in several sold-out plays in

New York City, such as "Dangerous Maid", "Mom and Dad Things", as well as a participation in the film "Nueba Yol: Bajo La Nueva Ley", which is now among the few classics in dominican films and a role that led her to be one of the first female comedians in her country to play a serious character on the big screen. Simultaneously, she was an important part of multiple television and radio commercials and syndicated programs, where she showed her talent and charisma as both an award winning comedian and actress.


Our client had an incredible and inspiring career, but she quietly stepped away from the media limelight for a whopping 15 years. We could only catch glimpses of her through old videos lovingly shared by her devoted fans on their Youtube channels as a way to cherish her memory. It's crazy to think that some of them weren't even sure if she was still alive!


With no clue about her whereabouts and zero presence on social media, we were faced with the exciting challenge of starting from scratch to build up her online presence. And it was no walk in the park, but it was thrilling!

The task at hand was to bring our client into the spotlight, and we were determined to make it happen. We rolled up our sleeves, ready to showcase her talent and reignite the passion of her fans.

  • Limited to no social media presence

  • Out of touch with her fans for over 15 years

  • Weak brand equity

  • Adapting her old content into new formats

This image shows her account after 90 days of having been created and working with us*

How it's going*


We began the process of brand awareness by repurposing old content that we knew was going to be valuable, nostalgic and entertaining to her audience and presenting it in a new, refreshing way. While her community was growing, we made sure to stay consistent with her brand personality and tone. She is a very fun, happy and charismatic person so her personal brand needed to reflect that. Once we reached a "happy place" on her Instagram and Facebook accounts (phase 1), we began to focus on building, growing and eventually monetizing her YouTube channel and TikTok account (phase 2 and 3).

Social Media Platforms Creation and Setup: We assisted in establishing and optimizing our client's presence on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, ensuring that her profiles were properly set up with accurate information and appealing visuals.

Content Strategy: We developed a strategic plan for creating content that aligned with our client's brand and resonated with her target audience. This included repurposing old content that we knew was going to be valuable, nostalgic and entertaining to her audience but presenting it in a new way so it felt modern, fun and refreshing to ignite engagement among her followers.

Reputation Management: We actively monitored and managed our client's online reputation by addressing any negative feedback or comments promptly and professionally. We implemented strategies to enhance her online image and maintain a positive reputation. This included to constantly engage with her fans as part of community management and the brand equity building strategy process.

Analysis: We conducted thorough analysis and monitoring of audience engagement, platform metrics, and content performance. This allowed us to identify trends, optimize strategies, and make data-driven decisions to continually improve her online presence.

Collaborations: We leveraged collaboration techniques to expand our client's reach and visibility. This involved partnering with relevant brands and influencers to promote her brand and engage with their audiences.

Monetization: We implemented strategies to generate revenue from our client's online presence, such as sponsored content, brand partnerships, collaborations and content that generated monetized streams. We always make sure that these opportunities align with her brand and resonate with her followers.


Despite the challenges, we embraced the opportunity to revitalize our client's career and create a buzz around her once again. Now, our client is back stronger than ever, connecting with her fans like never before. We successfully assisted her in establishing a robust online presence. As a result, she now boasts an impressive following of over 300,000 organic and highly engaged followers collectively across all her social media platforms. Notably, her hashtag #NanyPeña has been embraced by over 25 million people all over the world on TikTok who have enthusiastically imitated her most iconic characters.

Through our combined efforts, our client experienced significant growth in her online presence, attracting a dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic community of followers. With determination, creativity and the right social strategy, we overcame these obstacles and achieved remarkable results.

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