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Unlock your Inner Social Media Guru

Do Any Of The Following Issues Resonate With You?

  • You’re starting a new business and need help setting up your social media channels

  • You’re overwhelmed by how to actually make social media work for your business

  • You’re not overly creative and want to spice things up for your social media channels

  • You need help understanding and using tools to make creating content and scheduling posts easier

  • You noticed that you need a better understanding of what social media strategies will work best for your business

  • You need help writing a content strategy for your social media platforms

  • You want to create your own Facebook/Instagram Ads and need help getting started​

If so…

You may want to consider Elisa's Pop SessionsMany business owners find social media coaching sessions to be helpful when trying to understand how to use their social platforms and for guidance. Each Pop Session will focus mainly on Instagram plus one additional platform of your choice (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest).


Let's schedule a complimentary call!

The Socialooze    Package



Do you already have social media accounts set up for your business and need a little help with strategy and tactics?


Introducing our new service “The Socialooze    Package” to help, guide, and educate you on building your social presence honestly and organically. 

  • 1st Step: A social media audit will be performed to analyze your current social media presence and practices

  • 2nd Step: We discuss our findings and personalized recommendations

  • 3rd Step: We work on teaching you how to implement systems and our recommendations to continue to build your social

Social Media networks are always evolving, changing, and being updated. Technology requires you to adapt at a moment’s notice. That can be tough with the many hats a business owner often wears. We will be applying extensive knowledge of industry verticals. Digital marketing tactics and best practices to understand your social presence and practices, delivering personalized recommendations on how you can build your social. You will also learn how to implement the recommendations and if you need ongoing coaching, know that you will be in great hands!

What can you expect?

While the program is customized for each client, it could include:

  • A digital audit of your existing online profile(s), including websites

  • Social media tool kit

  • Setup of new recommended profiles (or updating existing profiles)

  • Setup of social media management tools

  • Brief training on how to use analytics reports via social media management tools to give your basic measurement information

  • A content calendar to keep you in track and on schedule

  • Personalized training on recommended social networks, programs or systems for your strategy implementation

  • Scheduled mentoring calls/meetings to strategize for upcoming opportunities 

    • Month 1 — weekly calls

    • Month 2 — biweekly calls

    • Month 3 &4 — one call

  • Access to Elisa “on call” (during her business days/hours) between sessions in case other questions arise

  • Regular updates of changes/new resources

We will work together to create ease along the way through a collaborative process.


So let’s get on our first call, shall we?


This session is for us to make sure that working together is in alignment for both of us.

At the end of this coaching session, you will feel immense clarity, excitement, and an uplifted energy to move forward. 



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