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Hey! I'm Elisa, owner of Ooze Media. I am an artist turned entrepreneur. As a musician, I've been able to achieve some pretty cool stuff - like collaborating on a track called Somebody Great that was featured on an album debuting at #1 on the Reggae Billboard Charts.

Since 2014, I've been learning and helping industry leaders manage, build, and scale their online businesses through social media. I have trained & consulted professionals including Vice Presidents and Marketing Directors from Fortune 500 companies like Sony Music Latin. I'm a lover of systems, creative strategy and social media management for small businesses which is why I started Ooze Media. 

Strategy and content creation for social media can be challenging -- especially when you're already running a business AND you know you have to stay consistent with your content flow in order to encourage organic growth. That's why we're here, we're passionate about providing a tailored social media marketing service suited to your business. We understand what it takes to meet the needs of various audiences, as well as how to use feedback to create engaging content and strategies; so you can trust us! 

Tell us, are you ready to take your social game to the next level?



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