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Its 68° in Miami right now 😌_-_Calling


I’m Elisa Polanco, founder of Ooze Media, LLC.


Since 2016, my passion for helping other small business owners and influencers tell their unique story has grown. I love being able to bring value and happiness to my clients by using social media to connect them directly with their ideal audience.


También he tenido el placer de ayudar a clientes con audiencias en español! :)


My background in the media began at a very young age. I started as a child actor in my home country, Dominican Republic, doing tv commercials, radio, theater + later in my early teens started modeling (that’s when we moved to Florida).


After 4 years in college + a degree in Advertising, I was able to put my own strategies to the test and build my artist brand @polancapop along with a team of award winning producers. 


So I took the solopreneur leap & started Ooze Media. I’ve been helping other entrepreneurs and influencers grow their biz through social media ever since!


Ooze Media is a boutique-style agency that focuses on social media management + content creation/curation + consulting. We make you ooze good ;)


Check out our services here.


We’ve worked with brands like, Fit + Thick, Black Shadow, Nany Peña, and Baha Men.


Feel like learning and dong it yourself? I’d love to help you! We offer private consulting for you or your marketing team.

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